David LeBlanc whisper at
Wed Sep 18 00:34:38 EDT 2002

> The problem I seem to be hitting is utilising python in applications that
> embed an ActiveScript Engine. To date I am unable to get one python script
> to execute. Other languages vbscript, jscript,perl etc, work in the same
> environment so I'm left wondering if its a configuration problem or
> something that I might be overlooking. If anyone could give me pointers,
> url's, snippets etc. it would be interested. The product I specifically
> having problems is FinalBuilder (
> though have
> seen this problem in other applications as well.
> I've tried both ActiveState and Python distribution 2.2.1 with Win32
> 1.48all.
> Regards
> Gavin

Did you register Python as an ActiveScript host? I believe this is done for
you automatically if you use the installer and not done for you if you
don't. It's possible that it gets done for you the first time you run the
PythonWin IDE too.

Have a look at this file: \Python22\Lib\site-packages\win32com\readme.htm


Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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