Help with regular expression using findall and .*?

czrpb nanotech at
Thu Sep 12 16:29:21 EDT 2002

Could anyone help out with rewriting (still using regular expressions)
the following so that it does not cause an exception:

import re



for x in re.findall(p,s1):
    print x

for x in re.findall(p,s2):
    print x

thanks!! Quentin Crain

I think we are miscommunicating. I actually expected some confusion with
my last response and I am not sure if there actually was some, but I feel
like it. So, my message is going to assume I did not make my points, but
perhaps you did understand me. If so, then that means *I* did not
understand *YOUR* response - in which case you will need to rephrase.

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