Windows AutoRunning Python Hello -- feedback requested

Richie Hindle richie at
Tue Sep 17 05:48:15 EDT 2002


> the EXE displays "hello" in a browser window and shows
> its running directory as evidence that is functioning.

I like it.  I think using a web browser as a user interface is an
excellent way to go for some applications.  Every week someone here
asks "What's the best GUI toolkit for Python?" and no-one ever says
"Netscape" or "Internet Explorer", but given a system like yours plus
a framework for building an HTML user interface (based on one of the
many web application frameworks for Python) I think this system is
just as valid as Tk, wxWindows, Qt or whichever other 'real' toolkit
you care to name.

Does your system have mechanisms for serving up forms and accepting
data back from the user, or is it simply a toolkit for distributing
and running browser-based code?  My gut feeling is that the latter
would be better - sufficiently generic that any Python web application
framework could be built into it.  Zope-based Windows applications,

Richie Hindle
richie at

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