watching mutables?

Anton Vredegoor anton at
Fri Sep 27 17:12:05 EDT 2002

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002 22:06:41 +0200, "Thomas Heller"
<theller at> wrote:

>Here's what seems to be available:
>and this is obviously where the EventObject is contained in:

Very interesting module. I might add that windows doesn't seem to like
the .cfg file so this should be moved to some other place before
installing with 'python install'.


I specifically asked for something that doesn't touch the original
object. In's docstring there is the following warning:

Caution : As event management is performed by changing the class of
the instance, you use eventobj with critical objects at your own
risk... !

So, with a lot of thanks for the results sofar ...

Is it possible?


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