Book for win32?

Syver Enstad syver-en+usenet at
Mon Sep 16 11:11:16 CEST 2002

Thomas Guettler <zopestoller at> writes:

> Hi!
> I am interested in book about Python on win32.
> I found one from o'reilly: "Python on win32"
> Are there better books or alternatives?
> I am *not* looking for a python introduction, I am
> programming more than one year with python, but up to
> now mostly on unix.
> Now I am intersted in win32 stuff:
>   - Opening a file-dialog
>   - COM
>   - Accessing the registry
>   - Maybe GUI Programming

Then you can't go wrong with the o'reilly book. It is a most excellent
tome for precisely the subjects that you outline there. 

Be aware that the book is written for Python 1.5 so a couple of
things, like the need to convert unicode strings passed in by COM
objects are outdated. As you already have been programming python for
over year this shouldn't be a problem.


Vennlig hilsen 

Syver Enstad

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