Stackless Python, eventual merge?

Martin v. Löwis loewis at
Thu Sep 19 03:43:14 EDT 2002

Thomas Heller <theller at> writes:

> > That is not true. It is more reliable to inspect the source code.
> > In general, it is very easy to do so: if there are no callbacks to
> > Python, the module is stackless-safe.
> So win32all probably wxPython are incompatible with stackless?

No. If a module has callbacks, it is thread safe if it does not put
data on the stack whose addresses are used outside the function, and
it does not use setjmp, and it does not use exception handling.

Notice that the ifs are not if-and-only-ifs; there might be cases
where a module puts a global object on the stack and is still
compatible with stackless (e.g. if the function that does that does
not callback).

Reportedly, wxPython is compatible with stackless (by experimentation,
not by inspection).


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