Can't suspend a thread?

Tim Roberts timr at
Thu Sep 26 23:43:22 EDT 2002

"Robert Oschler" <Oschler at> wrote:
>"Tim Roberts" <timr at> wrote:
>> It is worth pointing out that this "restriction" is not a Python thing; it
>> is an operating system thing.
>You mean a Linux/Python restriction?  Windows can suspend threads so I
>assume that's what you mean.  Note I'm not saying that you can't suspend
>threads on Linux (POSIX), I don't know if that's possible or not, I just
>know you can on Windows.

Hmm, you're quite right.  I didn't realize you could suspend another thread
in Win32.  The documentation does caution against using it in anything
other than a debugger, but it certainly exists.
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