Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Lee Gray lpgray at
Wed Sep 18 15:50:00 EDT 2002

lpgray at (Lee Gray) wrote in message news:<96904b50.0209171305.6d65f574 at>...
> I'm a fairly new programmer with experience in ASP/VBScript/DHTML.
> Can someone point me to a good Python GUI app to demonstrate (other
> than IDLE)?

Thanks for all the suggestions, folks!

I've collected lots of links to a variety of very nice screenshots,
and I've been playing with the wxWindows demo and Boa Constructor. Boa
was a bit disappointing, not as an app, but because of its current
alpha status - but it's got great potential and I'll definitely look
forward to future releases. I'll check out PythonCard too.

Regarding .Net AND Python, that's certainly a possibility down the
road, but unfortunately I don't have the time to devote to learning
both at the moment, and if we definitely go .Net, no one (besides me)
is going to see any value in adding Python.

Thanks again... and feel free to send more ideas!

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