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Benjamin at
Fri Sep 20 09:28:52 CEST 2002

hi everybody

first: only read this post if you have enough time
(real meaning: please don't flame me just because
i don't ask any concrete questions "wasting" your time :)

i have an unusual problem with programming python,
nothing tecnical, something which goes "deeper".
you may call it inspiration, see me as an artist
who lacks of inspiration (i know there are many
people who think programming is an art).
some weeks ago i began learning python as my first
(i hope some others will follow) programming language,
i've been going through some tutorials, but they begin
to bore me. the only interesting thing (from a beginners
point of view, of course) i programmed is a small
database script which receives user input and stores
things in a txt file. that was real fun, writing code,
debugging, rewriting, analyzing, trying to figure out
the problem, in one word: coding. but now i don't know
what to programm. sounds weird, doesn't it? :) what
should i program?? at the moment i have windowsXP
installed, but i hope to switch soon to some linux
distribution or freeBSD. maybe my problem gets better
i've been learning python not for becoming a programmer
(i study modern languages at the university), but for having
fun. my personal motto is "i want to know how it works".
i am always trying to deepend my computer knowledge.
maybe i should learn more about computer security and
write security stuff, or cryptography (hey i could try
to write the ultimative windows security patch that fills
all security holes in m$'s os & co. and get rich ^_^). it
certainly wouldn't be boring. i don't think i will ever write
programs for living, as a job. when i finished highschool
many people thought i will study computer science because i
were (and still am) into computers - i actually did quite
the opposite. i think if it's a job, it's something i MUST
do - and therefore not interesting anymore -, and not something
i CAN do if i want.
well, i hope i didn't bore you :) i would really like if you
share your opinions about those things with me/us.

bye, benjamin

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