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Bjorn Pettersen BPettersen at
Mon Sep 16 17:26:05 EDT 2002

> From: Martin v. Löwis [mailto:loewis at] 
> "Bjorn Pettersen" <BPettersen at> writes:
> > I was wondering if this was the best way of implmenting these 
> > functions (windows)?
> Yes.

Thanks. Do you think there would be any interest in adding these kinds of utility functions to e.g. the os.path module?


> Notice that, on WNT/2k/XP, you might also need to modify the 
> access control list to give users permissions, especially if 
> the files are on NTFS. Access and modification of the ACL is 
> not supported in standard Python.

win32all isn't standard on Windows <wink>? Seems like it would be pretty straightforward (although tedious) with win32security.ACL() etc. Thankfully I don't have to deal with that for this project (I just need to make sure the current process doesn't delete the files accidentally :-)

-- bjorn

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