Zope Status?

Jeff Sasmor jeff at sasmor.com
Sun Sep 8 16:58:48 EDT 2002

Speaking from what I understand about this subject,  it's not
simple for the Zope Corp to merely plug-in a new version of
Python and make a release.  Disregarding any issues about
changes they might want to make that would take advantage of
new features of Python 2.2 (and up), the underlying instrumentality
of Zope, the ZODB (Zope Object DataBase) as it exists in  Zope 2.5
and so on, will not run under Python versions > 2.1 due to
incompatibilities of the C extension classes with the changes made
(in Python 2.2) regarding type-class unification.

Obviously, there's already a version of ZODB for Python 2.2, but
I think it's not something that one cannot just 'drop in' to a current
version of Zope.

That's just one thing. Also, Zope 3 is a clean-slate redesign; that is,
it is being rearchitected with no initial regard for existing Zope
applications.  I suppose opinions go either way on this, but overall
it is probably a Good Thing.  I recall reading that there will eventually
be backwards compatibility, perhaps with some interface layer, but
I suspect that the initial releases will be for very advanced developers.

BTW, I don't speak as a member of the Zope team, just someone who's
been lurking on all the dev lists for Zope  3 and the ZODB as I am
developing an app based on the ZODB and need to track what these
folks are doing.

Apologies in advance to Zope Corp for any inaccuracies.
Jeff Sasmor
jeff at sasmor.com
"Bo" <bosahvremove at netscape.net> wrote in message
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> I apologise if this isn't the proper forum to do this in.
> 1) Can anyone tell me roughly if\when Zope is moving to python 2.2?
> 2) Also any idea when they might release Zope 3?
> 3) Anyone close to the Zope team who is willing to shed some light on the
> near future for things Zope?
> Great thanks in advance.
> Bo

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