Facilities for accounting arithmetic (was: Python GUI app to impress the boss?)

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terry  <tg5027 at citlink.net> wrote:
>>> I'm willing to bet, though, that Python will be around for longer
>>> than VBScript.
>I don't like to disagree with an icon, but I think that you are missing 
>a deficiency in Python that will ultimatly limit it's usefullness in 
>the vast majority of the software that is written in the world.
>As long as Python refuses to admit that money is the focus of most of 
>the world's software, Python will be relagated to the same status as 
>FORTRAN, BASIC, and etc - except COBOL and VB.
>Is there any way to get the Python world to allow for the processing of 
>monetary applications without some hokey 60's constructs that involve 
>in-line conversions or anticipations of calculation characteristics?
If it helps, I have a soft spot for OS/400.  I spent the
early '80s writing BCD arithmetic packages in various

Terry, who needs disagreement more urgently than an icon?

You and others have raised this point before.  I haven't
taken it as seriously as I should, just because I know
that Microsoft and Sun (among others) are utterly unsympa-
thetic to it.  I need to ponder that ... anomaly (?) more.
Thanks for making an issue of it.

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