PIL v.1.1.3 and grabscreen

bap trash at terastat.com
Tue Sep 17 13:23:57 EDT 2002

I'd like to use the grabscreen function from Lundh's site
(http://effbot.org/downloads) however it won't install or run (I use Python
2.2, it may be compiled for 2.1). The function is now included (according to
the documentation) in PIL 1.1.3 -- but the PIL site only has binary versions
of 1.1.2, for v1.1.3 the site refers to Lundh's site -- where again the
installation routine doesn't work (asks for a directory but will accept no
input). So -- does anyone know of any working sources of either grabscreen
or a binary distributable for windows/activestate python 2.2 of PIL 1.1.3?

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