Modify AD key fields programmatically via ADSI or VB Script

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Tue Sep 17 08:26:27 EDT 2002

I am new to ADSI and was wondering if anybody knows a way to modify AD
key fields (i.e./ DN) programmatically via ADSI or VB Script? Here is
the exact scenario:

We are attempting to synchronize the population in our new Active
Directory deployment to the active individuals identified within our
various database systems of record.  To accomplish that, we generate the
following ldap string describing the DN for every individual daily:

TOM SMITH,ou=ACCOUNTING,ou=people,dc=biz,dc=url,dc=com

along with values for numerous attributes.  As noted above, the DN is
comprised of the concatenate of FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME, and LAST NAME
as well as that individual's PRIMARY DEPARTMENT (in this case

All of these are implemented into AD via a LDIF generated by a third
party synchronization product (Simplesync).

If any of these four elements (FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME,
DEPARTMENT) change (as they will from time to time), the result in AD is
to add a "new" individual and "delete" to old.  This is undesirable.

Is there a way to programmatically detect that any of the above data
elements are changing prior to executing the bulk synchronization and
MODIFY the DN in AD in place or any other solution that will move this
person to a different DN without losing the rest of their existing AD

Thanks a million for any help - MPS

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