Python comment stripper

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at
Wed Sep 18 13:00:06 EDT 2002

> Makes sense.  Let's see, what about a one-(logical)-liner (warning,
> untested!):

Thanks for the starter code.  This will be a good Python learning program
for me.  However, I may defer implementing source comment extraction until
after first release.

> What are you using now for compression?
I am using WinRar 3.0 (  As an exe inside a zip file, my
hello example takes 402 Kb.  The user must extract and run the EXE manually.
As an EXE inside a self-extracting RAR format EXE, the same example is 361
Kb.  The latter is smaller and easier for recipient. (ref: and

> Module gzip is probably a good idea to help you reduce size, too.
At the time extraction is going on, it is impractical for Python to be doing
the extraction -- there is the Python DLL (v2.0: 653 Kb and v2.2: 821 Kb)
for starters.  I am aiming for a small footprint.  The 361 Kb download has
Python22.dll inside and that DLL  is used when the hello program runs. :

Thanks, Dennis

Dennis Reinhardt


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