I must be an idiot, please pity me!

newbie sam at localhost.localdomain
Thu Sep 12 01:05:22 CEST 2002

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002 01:25:59 +0100, laotseu wrote:

> Creating a db connection in each function for sure not be very
> efficient.But what's wrong with passing the database connection to the
> functions in mod1, mod2, and modXXX ???

That connection has to be passed to the other functions (where needed of
course) in mod1. Say, mod1.functiona may use functions f1, f2 and f3. My
gut feeling of having to pass that connection to all of these said "this
can't be right". This is what I've done but it sure doesn't feel right!

> Anyway, you can make it simpler, like this :

Yay, now for the good stuff!

> in each module,
> - create a global db_connection variable - add an init() function, that
> takes a db_connection as argument and assign it to the module's global
> db_connection variable - and don't forget to call this function before
> any other.

Yes, I can follow that. Once I saw that "global" was more "local" I've
never really considered using it.

> Another, more OO way to do this would be to rewrite your modules as
> classes, each getting a db_connection argument in it's __init__(), and
> then, in the main script, create the needed objects.

So the resulting object would be the same as what I return with now?

> Laotseu

Thank you.

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