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Normally, I tell people posting to python-dev that they're in the wrong
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>I studied and was
>very impressed - you manage to get python even more fascinating with
>every release.
>I especially like enumerate() and Bool.
>But I have some remarks:
>- Mutable sets support some in-place operations - should those, just as
>the in place operations on lists, like sort(), return None instead of
>the new list to make clear that they are in place operations and for the
>sake of consistency?
>- When replacing list elements using the extended slice syntax - e. G.
>in a[::2] = range(0, -2, -1) - the left side must have exactly the same
>numer of elements as the right side. So, to cite the example, a[::2] =
>range(3) is illegal for a=[0, 1, -1, 3]. 
>Now I could image that it makes sense to allow one single additional
>element to be added to the list in case only the step is specified and
>the operation doesn't produce a gap. So the given example above would be
>valid, giving a sequence of five elements, whereas with a=[0, 1, 2] it
>would stay illegal (as it would produce a gap). a[0:3:2]=range(3) would
>stay illegal as it explicitly specifies the length of the range,
>a[0:3:5]=range(3) could be allowed.

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