More on Protecting Source Code

Arthur ajs at
Tue Sep 17 11:04:49 EDT 2002

Janes writes:
>It is precisely the promise of commercial reward that makes America the
>incredible fount of invention and creativity that it is.

You sound like a neo-something  - like myself.

To me the open source movement has offered the opportunity to maintain a
subversive stance in the context of an essentially "conservative" world
view.  Sort of wholesome subversion. Makes the folks looking to make $ from
their on intellectual property work a bit harder - if they are competing
with folks willing to throw theirs into the ring for free. No question it
has *driven* innovation.

That -

And there is certainly the opportunity for abuse of processes that are
themselves reasonably sound - Enron and friends in some instances, Disney
(for example, and in a totally different sense - and in some ways for me,
closer to home), I would argue, in some others.

The worst thing "we" could do is leave the high ground screaming on these
kinds of situations to the folks with an essentially different world view..


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