more on weak typing..

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Sep 23 03:08:23 CEST 2002

"Lance" <lbrannma at> wrote:
> So Python is both dynamically typed (because it doesn't use explicit
> datatype declarations) and strongly typed (because once a variable has a
> datatype, it actually matters).

A favorite interview question of mine is to ask the applicant to 
classify a whole bunch of attributes as more likely to belong to a 
compiled language, an interpreted language, or neither.  I'm not so much 
interested in the actual answers as I am to see that the applicant knows 
what I'm talking about.

One of those attributes is "strongly typed".  I once had somebody tell 
me that compiled languages are strongly typed because they support 
longer variable names (i.e. it takes more keystrokes to type in the 

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