Need advice on choosing the technology for intranet based application

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>> The GUI has a part I consider complex: I have to present some statistics
>> form of charts or graphs.
>The Python Image Library (PIL) is very good for creating graphics. You can
>create them "on the fly" in your web server and then serve back HTML
>documents with references to the created graphics.
It strikes me that Mr. Propadovic is tackling
several new techniques and technologies at once.
Given that, I have an alternative to suggest for
"some statistics in form of charts or graphs".

There's a trick for making making simple bar
charts which requires no extra modules or pro-
gramming.  It's so simple, in fact, that it makes
barcharting easy in shell or assembler or C.

Apparently I've only documented it in Tcl <URL: > (see references
there, though, for Python hints).  If you need
a sample dilation in Python, just say so here.

Also, Mr. Propadovic:  take Steve's advice to 
heart.  Even the CGI about which he writes need
not be as challenging as your comments suggest
you fear it to be.

Cameron Laird <Cameron at>

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