Windows AutoRunning Python Hello -- feedback requested

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at
Mon Sep 16 20:07:03 EDT 2002

For Windows platforms (only, sorry), I have packaged enough Python to import
the library and its dependencies for distribution as an EXE to systems
not having Python installed.  Python is running as a CGI program on top of a
web server I wrote so that the interface is HTML, supporting IE 4+, Netscape
4.7+, and Opera (4+?).  The demo is at  When
decompressed and run, the EXE displays "hello" in a browser window and shows
its running directory as evidence that is functioning.  Compressed ZIP
size is 401 Kb, expanded is 922 Kb.

1) Is this the right group to discuss/get feedback?
2) Is this functionality useful enough to others to pursue?
3) Other comments?

Thanks,  Dennis

Dennis Reinhardt

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