Newbie Looking for direction

mowestusa justnotworking at
Thu Sep 12 18:06:51 EDT 2002

I have never programmed in a language before.
I have developed complex databases with Access (Office 95 version) just with
the visual tools.
I would like to learn a computer language or database as a hobby that I
would use to keep track of things in my real job.
I have worked through "Non-programmer's Tutorial for Python".
I'm reading "Programming Python (First Edition, got cheap)" right now.

Most of the programs that I would like to develop would be relatively simple
I have Access 95 and Paradox 10 (with runtime).  I'm wondering if I'm going
down the right path in learning Python or if I would be better served by
just learning to use Paradox 10 well.  The one problem I have with Paradox
or Access is that they seem so slow. Even if you have a simple database it
takes a long time to start up and run.  I would also like to make things
that I could share with colleagues who have no interest in programming, but
could use some of the database tools I would develop for our line of work.

So far it seems like I'm a long way away from being able to be productive
with Python, but that maybe because my end goal is too complex.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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