python program to watch a file - example.

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Get a fucking life Bengt!!!

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> Why?
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> >I am trying to write a python program that will run as a deamon and
> >watch a file for data to arrive and then wake up and perform duties on
> >that data.   I found ways to make a python program run as a deamon but I
> >am at a loss to find anything related to watching a file for data so
> >that it can then process the data.  I didn't really want to do a sleep
> >loop or something like, I am sure there is a better way.
> >
> >Any ideas or links to more info?
> >
> Don't annoy people you want help from, for starters.
> What system are you targeting? (Outlook in the headers says you're on
> generating this abominable mix of actual message and useless cruft).
> >------=_NextPart_000_0039_01C256D9.B8CB5320
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> WHY?!!
> Regards,
> Bengt Richter

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