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> wince install
> 1.
> how I install python on wince ?

Assuming you have the zip file with all the components


python.exe to \Windows\Start Menu

 -this file might be called 'pocket pc python.exe' or something else, either
way, it'll be the only executable file in there. You can copy python.exe to
other locations in the Start menu e.g. Programs - don't use a shortcut to
it, it won't work.

Create a directory "\Program Files\Python" and copy the 'Lib' directory (And
files) there - this directory is like the Lib directory on a normal python
distribution, it holds all the modules.

Copy the .pyd files win32event, win32api to the "\Program Files\Python"
directory - I guess they could go in the Lib directory, but this is just my

Lastly, copy the dlls to \WIndows - this is PyWinTypes.dll and PYTHON22.dll

I also have a copy of Python.exe in \Windows - I use that as the target for
the python file associations I created in the registry. Having it in
\Windows as well gives me a non-moving target, just in case I change where
in the menu structure i keep python.

I also went through and removed all the CVS related files to save space,
other than a few modules, I only keep the compiled versions ('.pyc') in Lib,
since it saves on space.

> 2.
> has somebody experience , python on wince ?
> are all objects work as on win32 ?

Which version of PythonCE are you using?

1.5.2 - Brian Loyds (?) port
1.5.2 - Mark Hammonds port
2.2/2.3 Brad Clements port

Different versions had different parts working.Since i have an iPAQ there
was no choice, version 2.2 for me - it does pretty much everything I want -
except 'select'.

Don't expect any easy to use GUI toolkits like wxPython or Tkinter, the only
thing available at the moment is the win32 gui stuff - nowhere near as nice
to use.

> how is the performance ?

depends, its much slower than normal Python on a desktop, but I've found
Python slower on a lot of machines - whether that is the machines fault, or
more work being down on Python on the x86, who knows.

For comparison:

AthlonXP 1800, 256MB, XP Pro - 21375.1 pystones/second
Intel P133, 84 MB, Win98SE - 566.959 pystones/second
iPAQ H3870, PocketPC 2002 - 100 pystones/second

Benchmarks only tell so much, basically, yes, its slower, but its more than
fast enough for using on the PocketPC.

Try what you want to do, thats the only way to really find out if it can do
what you want.

hope tha helps


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