C++ and Python

Tony Leotta tonyl at pillarsoftware.com
Sun Sep 8 00:43:08 EDT 2002

Does any one know of any examples written in C++ that use Python as a
scripting language?
I have been looking at VBA.but I don't know all that COM interfacing
gets me down. :(
I want to be able to export variables from C++ to the space that all the
scripts will run.and have 
many different python scripts running inside different threads
access/modify that data.
so I will need locking mechanisms as each thread modifies the global
I have been written extremely fast C++ servers have expanding pools of
worker threads.and in each thread
I'd like to be able to run scripts.I guess almost how Apache or IIS call
PHP or VB Script.
The difference is that I want each Python "script" to be able to
communicate to other threads.something that Apache and IIS do not do.
These will not be short lived threads.some be run for days.
Tony Leotta
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