ANN: Thinking in Tkinter

Stephen Ferg steve at
Thu Sep 12 21:45:27 EDT 2002

aicolburn at (Alan C.) wrote in message news:<1a3a9ffa.0209120856.1de06f57 at>...

> I enjoyed this tutorial. 

> perhaps include a brief explanation early on about why you're
> creating the program within a class structure.  

I'm embarrassed to say that I was just following a lot of the other
tutorial materials that I have read.  But to be honest, I can't really
say WHY using a class structure is desirable.  I have a vague
intuition that the program will be more maintainable that way, but I
can't clearly articulate the reasons.

But you're absolutely right -- this is just the kind of issue I wanted
to cover in "Thinking in Tkinter".  Now I'll have to try to come up
with an answer!
> I think it
> would be educational to distinguish between, say,
> "self.button1Click()" and "self.button1Click" I don't know for sure,
> but I bet there are folks who get confused distinguishing between
> them.

I think you're right.  A good idea.

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