Installing Python 2.2.1 on WinNT

Tim Peters at
Thu Sep 5 13:36:47 EDT 2002

[Phil Rittenhouse]
> Thanks for the feedback Armin, that tells me there must be something
> about my install of NT that's not quite right (or at least, not quite
> the same as everyone else).
> I assume that the download file is OK because it installed fine
> on 95, 98, ME, 2K, and XP without problems.
> In fact, I have just found that if I install Office 2000 first, the
> python install on my NT works cleanly.   There must be some magic that
> the Office install does, maybe a DLL update, or permission change, that
> allows it to work.

Delighted to hear it finally worked!  I'm afraid we're not much help with
these when they go wrong:  the PLabs installer is 100% vanilla Wise
directives, with no custom code of any kind.  So when something goes wrong,
I'm afraid we're as clueless as the unfortunate user.  Luckily, if you keep
on buying enough new versions of Windows, the problem eventually fixes
itself <wink>.

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