Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Alan James Salmoni salmonia.nospam.please at
Wed Sep 18 08:07:29 EDT 2002


I don't know if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but I've 
written an application for statistical analysis (the scientific kind) 
which is available for download from 
(screenshots are available too). It's GPL'd, but rather new so there are 
still some rough edges. The GUI was written using wxPython (absolutely 
fantastic IMHO - the learning curve is a bit steep to begin with, but 
shallows extremely quickly). Features:

* A spreadsheet like grid for data entry/display
* A html display window for the output of the analysis and the online 
help pages
* Custom dialog boxes for each set of analyses
* Standard dialogs (file open/save and font choser)
* The GUI took a few weeks to write part-time and that was from scratch 
while learning wxPython. And I'm a psychologist, not a programmer, which 
means you will probably be up to speed in much less time ;).
* A windows installer containing all the required program (ie, non-icon 
or help) files for a Windows box in one file (using the McMillan installer)
* Cross-platform capability - Windows, Linux and OSX (the OSX wasn't 
even planned - it just happened to work!)

Have fun!


Lee Gray wrote:
> I'm a fairly new programmer with experience in ASP/VBScript/DHTML.
> Other than small utilities, so far I've mostly written ASP apps to
> talk to an Oracle database on HP/UX, with Windows NT/2000 clients, and
> I've done maintenance work on VB and Oracle Forms apps.
> We're currently looking at .Net, and I'm not very impressed, for a
> variety of reasons. A little research makes me feel that either Java
> or Python would be a good alternative, and given my level of
> experience, I'd much prefer Python over Java.  I *think* I could
> actually get up to speed faster with Python than with VB and ASP.Net,
> in spite of my ASP/VBS experience.
> My boss is pretty open-minded, but also needs to see something working
> to be convinced Python is even a viable platform (he had never heard
> of it).  Otherwise, .Net is a given, whether it's any good or not,
> since corporate is MS all the way.
> Can someone point me to a good Python GUI app to demonstrate (other
> than IDLE)?
> It may very well be that .Net is best for me/us, but from what I've
> seen of Python, I *really* like the language and I'd at least like to
> see a good demonstration of a full-blown app before ruling it out.
> (Something along the lines of what I mentioned above would be ideal,
> but not a necessity.)
> Thanks!
> Lee Gray

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