4Suite / McMillan Installer / py2exe

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Wed Sep 4 22:43:20 EDT 2002

Thomas Heller wrote:
>>Does someone know how to use 4Suite with the McMillan Installer or
>>py2exe on Windows? Any help or hints would be highly appreciated!
> I never used 4Suite, so no. I even heard ;-) that py2exe
> doesn't work so good with _xmlplus.

We appear to have successfully worked around some of these issues
by simply renaming _xmlplus to xml and removing the original
xml directory.  We're about to "finish" this task and verify that
things are still working, but at first glance it seemed to solve
the problems.

For what it's worth.... (and in case anyone wants to say "uh, that
won't work, moron". :-)


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