Cursed newlines and readline()

Thomas Wouters thomas at
Fri Sep 13 09:27:30 EDT 2002

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 06:59:14PM +0000, Edward K. Ream wrote:

> According to one of Leo's Linux users, the Python's readline() routine on
> Linux delivers "\r\n" line end strings verbatim, while the windows versions
> force the string to use the Unix convention of using only "\n". This seems
> unfortunate.  Is there a justification for it?  If not, I would like to
> suggest that readline() work the same on all platforms and that it deliver
> only "\n" as a line terminator.

You can open the file in 'binary' mode (adding 'b' to the mode string) and
the file will contain '\r\n' on both platforms (and any other platforms.)

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