How to force built-in commands over imported.

Simon Brunning SBrunning at
Wed Sep 4 10:53:34 EDT 2002

> From:	Maurice van de Rijzen [SMTP:maurice at]
> There is a built-in commans called open(fileName). There is also a 
> open() command in the os-module open which needs more than the fileName. 
>   Originally I didn't import the os-module and everything worked fine. 
> However, when I imported the os-module I received an error that open 
> needed more arguments. How can I force to take the built-in open() 
> instead of the open() in the os-module.
You are, I assume, importing 'os' as follows:

from os import *

*Don't* *do* *this*. Use:

import os

instead. There *are* reasons for using the former method, but they are few
and far between. The latter form should always be the one you use unless you
have a good reason.

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