Pythonwin (win32all build 148) on Python 2.2.1 on Win2K, bogus syntax e

A. Dimsdale Fetus A. Moser fetus at AUTO
Thu Sep 26 16:00:24 EDT 2002

"Neil Hodgson" <nhodgson at> writes:

>Aaron Dimsdale and Alex Moser:

>> Pythonwin barfed on the quote marks marked by carets, returning: "Failed
>to run script -
>> syntax error - invalid syntax".

>   Try turning on View | End-of-line markers to see if you have non-standard
>line endings such as pure carriage returns, which cause just this sort of
>error. On Windows, you want line endings to be carriage return + line feed.

>   Neil

Well, I did that, and that seems to be the problem. Is there a Pythonwin
setting I can set to make it do standard line endings? Every line except for
whitespace lines seems to end in just a carriage return. How do I fix this?


--Aaron L. Dimsdale

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