Best way to create a class dynamically on the fly?

Robert Oschler Oschler at
Sat Sep 28 22:08:49 EDT 2002

"Evan" <evan at> wrote in message news:3D96511D.2040407 at
> Robert Oschler wrote:
> > What is the best way to create a Python class dynamically at runtime?
> ALL Python classes are created dynamically at runtime.  The following is
> not a declaration in the sense that you're accustomed to from C/C++, it
> is normal code executed when the containing file is run (or imported):
> class Foo:
>    def meth1(self):
>      return "I am a method"


I understand but what I'm after is building the class itself dynamically,
akin to the way you can manufacture a prolog predicate on the fly.  For
example,  if wanted to create a class whose name was provided in a string
variable called ClassName, at runtime.  Or did I misunderstand your reply?


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