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Don Bennett dpbmisc at
Tue Sep 17 15:31:12 EDT 2002

Terje Johan Abrahamsen wrote:
 > If I would like to write some code that would not be possible for 
others to
 > read, after I distribute the program, would Python be suitable?


 > I know that
 > there are a few programs like Py2Exe, that creates .exe files. But, I 
 > saw this:
 > --------------------
 >  A zip-compatible archive is built, containing all files from this
 >   directory as well as your script, and appended to a custom python
 >   interpreter supplied with py2exe.
 > --------------------
 > Doesn't sound like it is protected very well. Is there some 
alternative to
 > Py2Exe that can do the job, or should I look for a compiled language
 > instead?
Take a look at Tools/

With this tool, you can compile your python files in to C files, and
then link the C files with the python interpreter to create a
stand-alone executable that represents your program.

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