Gratitude due to Red Hat? More work for the PBF?

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> >The aggravating thing is that this issue would be a snap for RedHat to
> >fix.  Instead of preempting /usr/bin/python for their own use, they
> >could maintain a /usr/bin/python-rh and leave python for user-installed
> >versions (instead of requiring the user version to be called "python2").
> >
> >Problem solved, everyone happy.
> >
> So why don't they do this? Do they need help?

Nobody seems to know. It's such an obvious solution to a really annoying
problem that I can only assume they either refuse to uinderstand there *is*
a problem or they don't appreciate how annopying it can be. Pity they didn't
write Anaconda (their maintenance utility) in Perl, then we wouldn't have
had to suufer the results of their success :-)

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