Help with regular expression using findall and .*?

darrell dgallion1 at
Sat Sep 14 09:28:56 EDT 2002

Here's an example with backtracking turned off
>>> s="""a\nb\n1""" 
>>> re.findall("[^\n]+?\d", s) 

Which is not correct.
What ever pattern proceeds the '+' must be reevaluated as the pattern moves 
forward. sre handles this though recursion.

import re
for r in s2split:
    print r

This should be fast also.

czrpb wrote:
> Harvey:
> Great thanks!! And thanks for sticking to my question's requirements.
> <wink!>
> Ok, this is what we thought around here. But what I do not understand is
> why any backtracking data is being kept? The '?' in '.*?' means it is
> non-greedy right? When would backtracking ever occur using '.*?'? What am
> I missing?

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