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François Pinard pinard at
Tue Sep 3 15:41:10 EDT 2002

[Gerhard Häring]

> The only means you have is complain to their ISP (abuse@{name_of_ISP}).

This is rather discouraging, you know.

Most ISP around here, and especially the big ones, could not care any less.
Thinking about it, some international providers are not fully pink either.
They are far more interested into protecting the anonymity of those from which
they receive money.  Aren't they in business, after all?

They will almost never take action unless forced to do so by police
intelligence services, and such services are so horribly heavy or slow to get
in motion that it is almost a lost cause as far as practice is concerned.

Police people affected to computer crimes told me that they are severely
understaffed, and fully overwhelmed by requests emanating from big banks or
military agencies, which are to be served in priority.  Moreover, in far too
many cases, they have youth protection law in their way.

We pay all the way.  Spammers use our network connectivity, our CPUs, our
disks and our own time for bothering us; they misredirect rejects so companies
pay postmasters or sysadmin services to handle their crap; and everybody
invest effort and energies trying to escape the constant annoyance.  While
politicians, from their ivory towers, discourse on the virtues of Free Speech!

François Pinard

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