Python critical mass /turning point

Anthony_Barker anthony_barker at
Wed Sep 4 16:17:02 CEST 2002

I have been trying to determine what is holding python back from 
reaching the critical mass/success that perl/c++/Java have experienced.
Caveate - I am not a python guru - so some of the technical stuff may be wrong.

I believe most of the issues are not technical - If technical features were 
key to critical mass then LISP would be the main programming 

1. Interpreter Available on every desktop/server
Perl has this on the server
Java had this in the browser space

Parrot/Perl6 integration - the if python is included
with the perl interpreter it would be everywhere
Lobby Sun & IBM to include Python on their Unix CDs
Lobby Microsoft to get added to their resource kit
Other options are already available such as freeze....

2. Suitability for commercial products
A couple of the problems I believe are technical and
1) Speed issue compared when compared with c/c++
2) The ability to enforce interfaces
Allow enforced type checking and encapsulation - people are often
surprised when they find out data is hidden in python.
3) Access c libraries/apis seamlessly

Speed issue I believe may be solved by psycho, and time. As python
matures it seems to be getting faster, while computers are getting
so fast speed matters less.

Having a compiler would allow python to be know not only as a 
scripting language. Unfortunately "scripting language" for some
is equivalent to - not a real language. Enforced interfaces
and the ability to enforce data hiding

SWIG is doing a good job with the last issue.

3) Big corporate sponsor(s)
IBM sponsors Java/Perl/C/C++ & Cobalt 
by having IDEs and corporate support available for those languages.

IBM supports PERL?
Surprise - Tivoli products are glued together with Perl
Lotus Unix server products use perl under the hood
Perl is shipped on every AIX box
Perl courses are available as is support

Microsoft Supports
VB/C/C++/c#/Java(kind of)/Perl etc

Perl is included in the NT/Win2K resource kits
Also is part of the tools for Unix


Perl is bundled with Solaris
Sun Solutions has Perl courses available



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