[Mac] Editor on Macintosh?

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 29 19:41:29 EDT 2002

In article <1fj7za2.1erbqps1uvzpj8N%news at agapow.net>, news at agapow.net 
(Paul-Michael Agapow) wrote:

>Sadly, it seems like the excellent editor Pepper is going away. (See
><http://www.hekkelman.com>.) I found it the best editor for Python on
>the Macintosh, having never been really happy with the alternatives. 
>So what are other MacPython using? There are some Java-based editors,
>but I'm not persuaded that that they'll perform adequately. There's are
>numerous X11 based options, but who wants to swap into X everytime they
>need to edit a file? The once excellent editor Alpha seems to have
>disappeared permanently into testing for its next release.
>Ideas? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, now that the mac has a real operating system, you can use:

or you can probabbly compile jed (http://space.mit.edu/~davis/jed/) in a 
minute if you want something a bit lighter than emacs but with the same 
overall feel.

All three fantastic tools, powerful beyond anyone's needs and different enough 
that one of them hopefully will meet your tastes.

Since all three will run happily in a terminal, no need for X11.



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