How to call a procedure in exe file

A printers at
Mon Sep 23 03:47:08 EDT 2002

I know that it is possible to call a function in DLL library( even though I have never tried it) 
from Python but is it possible to call a procedure in an exe program?
I have a program that downloads some files( that was written in Delphi, we bought that 
program compiled already in exe).
I must start the program and then push a button that runs a procedure for downloading. 
And I must do it al the time when I want to download a file. So I am thinking about 
downloading automatically from Python. I can start the program
with os.startfile but I do know know how to start the procedure that is started when I push 
the button for downloading.(I may possiblly find address of the procedure
Can you please help?

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