winsound.Beep() frequencies

dsavitsk dsavitsk at
Tue Sep 3 20:42:30 EDT 2002

i believe a supplied value of 4000 plays a frequency of 4000Hz.  you should
consult a table of frequency to pitch to convert.  typically A in the 4th
piano octave is 440Hz, and you should be able to derive the rest from that
(or search on google).


"Stuart" <megabytemonster at> wrote in message
news:3ab719f7.0209031229.33667461 at
> While looking at the python documentation, I noticed that there are no
> frequency/pitch tables for using with the winsound module.  Does
> anyone know whether this documentation exists, and/or what the
> corresponding frequencies to pitches are?
> Thanks,
> Stuart

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