Python GUI/graphics package recommendation?

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Tue Sep 17 15:01:58 EDT 2002

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>I don't think it is very nice to make your aunt do your programming for you
><wink>, but she can see if the instructions below are easy enough to give
>PythonCard a try.
>There are some walkthroughs to help you along once you have everything up
>and running.
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>> I am using Python 2.2 on Win32 for an AI class and would like to
>> be able to display a graphical representation of an agent-based
>> game I am developing. I have seen a number of GUI and graphics
>> packages for Python, and would appreciate some recommendations
>> since I really don't have the time to install, learn, and try all
>> of them.
>> My main criteria are: (1) my great aunt should be able to install
>> it and immediately use it; (2) it should work with Win32; (3) it
>> should do menus and graphics.
>> If it happens to be the #1 tool of its kind, that would be nice
>> too.
Start with Tkinter, I'd think; it's part of the standard
Python installation, and it certainly "do[es] menus and
graphics", for at least a couple of senses of that phrase.

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