how to build wxPython w/ Sun's C++ compiler?

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Tue Sep 10 08:58:47 CEST 2002

Skip Montanaro <skip at> writes:

> As for patches, it seems to me that distutils needs a generic way to
> override such settings (CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc) via command line
> arguments, environment variables or ConfigParser files.  

This is true.

> It's not clear which way would be most Pythonic.

It would be Pythonic to honor the system conventions transparently. So
on Unix, environment variables should be considered; I don't know what
the conventions on other systems are (or whether the problem exists in
the first place). On Windows, you want a choice of using MSVC or gcc
or Borland C or ... This is already supported in a command line
switch, selecting the appropriate compiler class.


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