Anyone can tell me why?

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> > But I try,change the filename as "","",
> > "",#_#,same error......have other advise?^_^
> 1. You run python from directory different from where your .so
>    lives in. Python finds everything in the well-defined places, which
>    includes local directory. From python prompt type:
> >>> import sys
> >>> print sys.path
>   to see the list of directories where python can find a module. Do
>   not
>   put your module outside of any directory in this path.
> 2. Your python was built without support for dynamic loading. Don't
>    know how to check this. Ask the person who installed/configured
>    your python.
> 3. Shared library was not build correctly. I'm not familiar with SCO
>    but usually with gcc I do 'gcc -shared object.o -o' and
>    that
>    works.
> 4. Whatever else....
>   Andy.

Yeah,thank you for these advise.

I suppose it may associate with the second point you said,I download
python 2.xx,as GNU,./configure,./make,it can't install on sco,so I use
python 1.5 .

And swig is same thing,last I use v1.1.Somebody tell me I shall check
the compiler and python and swig should be same----Oh,I can't believe :

When compile python ,system use GCC,and compile swig,it use CC(sco
with it self).

I change it and ok^_^

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