Design question.... parent/child class

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Sep 3 23:29:15 EDT 2002

Gumuz wrote:
> I'm sorry, I don't think I understand it correctly.
> Do you mean i should create a third Interface class just to communicate to
> the other class? Isn't that then just the same but with an extra class?

That's basically what I meant, but I wasn't really suggesting that
you needed to do that right now, just pointing it out as a possibility 
to consider.  It's not something you'd do if your code is still simple,
but *depending* on what SessionManager does in addition to this message
passing, it might be a necessary step to reduce complexity in the future.

As for "isn't it just the same?" I would say no, not if you end up
significantly increasing "cohesion" in the SessionManager class as
a result.  Learn about "coupling" and "cohesion" (probably many many
pages on the web that give tutorials on these terms) and you'll
understand where I was coming from.  (But I repeat, I'm *not* suggesting
you need to do that right now, if ever.)


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