Calling Python from C# - please help

Syver Enstad syver-en+usenet at
Fri Sep 13 09:45:34 EDT 2002

loewis at (Martin v. Löwis) writes:

> adila001 at (AdrianC) writes:
> > I am using Python 2.1 and I am tring to use my Python COM component.
> > From VB6 everything is OK, but in .NET i don't know how to set the
> > reference to my COM.
> I've never used the COM bridge in .NET, but I believe you need to
> create a type library first.

Although you don't have to make a typelibrary, your C# code will be
nicer if you do so (else you will have to use the dispatch interface
to work with the object).


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