Larry Wall's comment on python...

Robert Oschler Oschler at
Fri Sep 6 16:14:08 EDT 2002

"laotseu" <bdesth at> wrote in message
news:3D7958DB.50903 at
> > Any comments?
> def fun(args):
>      if ceci or cela:
>      #BEGIN
>          do_this(with_that)
>          [snip a lot of code]
>      #END
> #END

Although new to Python, I've read many posts complaining about the indenting
issue,  usually from "other language" proponents.  But for the longest time
I wondered why not do exactly what you have done with comment lines?  In
essence I'm saying, I'm glad you made this point. :)

In Pascal, C/C++ and VB (no rock-throwing please, it was a paycheck) I
frequently did things like the following, to use a C example:

if (something == something_else)
} // if (something == something_else)

As you can see, using comments to label my end blocks explicitly.  For me
this issue was never an issue.


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