'Real' global (write var to different namespace)

Maarten van Hulsentop maarten at tccn.info
Wed Sep 18 13:10:20 CEST 2002

Hi y'all 

I'm sorry if it's a FAQ but i honestly can't find to solution to my
problem; i've created a 'store' (a class) to store vars using the
(really cool) pickle classes. Now i can store a var doing:
"mystore['varname'] = myvar" and read it again by "myvar =
mystore['varname']". My question is if it's possible to create a
function like 'mystore.RestoreVars()' that sets ALL the stored vars in
the _calling_ namespace at once.

Hope it's clear enough, i'm still a python newbie so excuse me if i
used the wrong terms or if i didn't explain it enough.


Maarten van Hulsentop

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