Python's import: why doesn't it work?

Jurie Horneman jhorneman at
Mon Sep 30 02:51:00 EDT 2002

"Dennis Lee Bieber" <wlfraed at> wrote in message
news:8sf8na.86m.ln at
> Guy Rabiller fed this fish to the penguins on Sunday 29 September 2002
> 04:49 pm:
> >
> > yes it works on MS-DOS too.
> >
>         Ah, good to know...

Dennis Reinhardt was right: it doesn't work in the Win98 DOS shell.

>         Still need -vv to get the details from import though; -v just says
> "not found"

Ah, I thought the -vv was a typo. 'python -h' does not list 'vv' as an
option. Thanks.


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