Session handling

Andreas Ulbrich andreas.ulbrich at
Mon Sep 23 10:11:04 EDT 2002

beachboy wrote:
> Hi!
> Please can anyone help me.
> My problem:
> I'm trying to program a web application with python. This tool has to
> provide diffrent languages. The user has to choose the language at the
> beginning. So i have to save the information which language the user
> chooses. I think this is a perfect example for using sessions.
> The only problem is I've got no idea how to realise this in python.
> Please help me as soon as you can because I have to solve this problem
> very quickly.
> hoping to hear from you soon
> beachboy

Whenever I need to write a web-application I do use jython and write 
servlets. This combines the power of Servlet/JSP with the worlds best 
programming language.

a jython servlet would look like this:

from javax.servlet.http import HttpServlet

class MyServlet(HttpServlet) :

	def doGet(self, request, response) :

		session = request.getSession(1)
		lang = session.getAttribute('language')
		if not lang :
			# initialise the session (i.e. choose language)

		# produce output suitable to lang
		if lang == 'DE' :
			print >> res.writer, "Hallo Welt!"
		else :
			print >> res.writer, "Hello World!"

There are other solutions. I believe that Zope offers session-management 

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